What to do after you "Tidy Up?"


So you’ve binge watched all the episodes of Marie Kondo’s new Netflix series and have made it a mission to clean out your space. Now you have all this stuff and you don’t know how to get rid of it. Well, you can get rid of it but is donating or just giving it all away the right thing to do? I decided to clear up my space and found that a lot of the items I wanted to get rid of might have some value to someone else. For example, I had this beautiful jewelry armoire taking up a ton of space in my closet and it was filled with jewelry from my teenage years. At first, I thought maybe I should just give it away but then I decided to sell it. In the process, I discovered that I could actually make some pretty decent money selling items I didn’t need anyway. I made $50 on this 10+ year old armoire! I decided to write this post to share the three most successful platforms I used to sell my items locally. It’s a no brainer because people will come to you and pick them up!

Platforms to Market Your Items

  1. Facebook Marketplace - This is great because most of the time your friends or friends of friends end up buying your items. Be sure to include lots of pictures and angles of the product and in good lighting. It makes a huge difference. Also, photograph defects so people aren’t surprised when they come in person to purchase the item.

  2. LetGo - This application is so easy to use. You can just take the photos and list the items so quickly. It’s easy to use and the interface is great. You can link it to your Facebook too so it can be advertised there as well.

  3. OfferUp! - This is another great application for the phone. I’ve had a lot of success with finding local buyers on it. Be prepared as most negotiate on OfferUp. So keep that in mind when you are pricing the item.

General Tips for Getting the Highest Price

  1. Showcase the item in its best light. Literally! Take photos during the daytime with good natural light. Clean it up so it shines!

  2. Post multiple photos of the product so people have a good idea.

  3. Find the manufacturer’s details and post them in the description (i.e. measurements, use instructions, etc)

  4. Be willing and open to negotiate and keep your expectations realistic.