Window Coverings

Drapery can really make and frame a space. Even with blinds and shutters, adding drapery softens the room and the space. To most people, drapery can be a pretty expensive option. Most of you will spend hundreds of dollars trying to get drapes that match. Try implementing a new strategy when picking window drapery.

1) Check out your local TJ Maxx Home Goods and IKEA. They have affordable light drapery options that are a lot cheaper. The one pictured below is from TJ Maxx Home Goods and cost only $19.99 for the set of two panels.

2) Your whole house does not need the same drapes. Try and keep them the same in each room. This way you can mix and match and save money.

3) Remember to buy sturdy rods so that you can always replace the drapes as they fade with ones of varying thickness.

Enjoy the hunt!